Unlock the power of reading through phonics in just 30 minutes a day with engaging videos and immersive games.

Phonicsverse is a comprehensive phonetics program that covers more than 60 sounds, empowering children aged 2.5 to 9 with a strong foundation in reading, spelling, and pronunciation.

The Phonicsverse Reading Proficiency Ladder

Our meticulously designed phonics curriculum covers everything from basic letter sounds to advanced blend constructions, diagraphs, and diphthongs. Our program ensures that by the time a child reaches 5 years of age, they will be reading short stories and age-appropriate paragraphs with ease and fluency.

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For Schools

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Our Textbooks

Our all-inclusive textbooks encompass both homework and classwork, offering scaffolded practice through extensive exercises. The gradual progression of exercises is designed to guarantee mastery by the time students complete the coursepack.

PPT with Sounds

Your child will recognise letters and sounds with ease while also learning to comprehend words and their meaning. This step-by-step, meticulously designed program will ensure that your little ones develop into confident readers while also cultivating a life long love for reading.


We provide ample writing practice to complement our comprehensive reading program. Putting pencil to paper helps reinforce concepts as there's a direct link between writing and memory retention. Our written exercises ensures thorough practice.


Visual learning is crucial because it creates an association between images and words. Our engaging GIFs effectively illustrate each sound and word, ensuring a memorable and lasting impression.

Available across all platforms

Our program is accessible on multiple platforms, allowing children to learn wherever they are.