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Question Bank

Easy grading

Targeted Feedback


Assign Homework

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Levelled Quizzes

Grade Book


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Stay tuned into all school activities and gain insights into everyone’s performance Celebrate achievements and identify avenues for growth all in the palm of your hand.

Question Bank

Our extensive question bank with 1000’s of questions curated by subject matter Specialists are categorised by mark and varying difficulty level. You can assign quizzes, create assessments with a That will accurately reflect student comprehension and knowledge retention of a particular concept.

Easy grading

Grading is no more a laborious task. Our platform simplifies the grading process with both manual and automatic grading options. Our automated systems identifies errors, and Calculates scores, updates grade books and provides analytics to track progress and performance over time.

Auto Grading

Manual Grading

Targeted Feedback

Our platform enables you to share specific, targeted, personalised feedback that can help students improve and succeed. Highlight strengths, suggest areas of improvement and track progress over time.


Our robust assessment tools empowers you to create both online and offline assessments with ease. Choose questions from our questions bank according to make and difficulty level to create effective assessments.

  • Create & Edit Assessments
  • Differentiated Questions
  • Varying Difficulty Level
  • Customizable Settings
  • Automatic & Manual Grading

Assign HW with a click of a button

Create and assign homework with just a few clicks. With digital assignments you can ensure that every student receives and has access to their work. You can also keep students and parents informed about Pending homework and upcoming due dates for submissions.

Updates and Notifications

Keep your teacher, student and parent community informed and updated about special events, announcements, and important dates.

School to Staff

School to Parents

Teachers to Parents

Levelled Quizes

Access a wide variety of ready-made, differentiated quizzes curated by subject specialists. Assign quizzes with easy to motivate students to challenge themselves with thought- provoking questions they will want to tackle over and over.


Our digital grade book allows you to record, calculate and analyze grades and scores over time. Our platform converts raw scores into dynamic barographs that will illustrates a student’s Performance trajectory over time allowing you to visually compare it with their past perforce and class average.

Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 8


Recording and tracking attendance is a breeze with our digital attendance tool. Record and mark student presence and absences with a single click along with reasons. Save time and keep the parents and the school management informed with the click of a button.

Chat room

Our discussion room features encourages collaboration and empowers students to ask questions, seek help, and share their opinions fostering a supportive learning community.

For Students

Level up your learning journey with exciting games, challenging quizzes and Immersive VR Experiences.


Skill-based assessments that accurately track progress over time.


Stimulating questions-based homework that will reinforce key concepts.


An exhaustive list of hands-on activities that will fire up their curiosity and challenging them.

Elevate your learning experience


Earn badges for skill-mastery. The badges act as micro-credentials and visual tokens if your skills and abilities that you ca n proudly display and share.


Celebrate milestones and accomplishments with certificates. The certificate acts as a recognition of your dedication and hardworking


Learning can be exciting and fun as you earn points for class participation, completing assignments On time. Stay motivated and accumulate points as you learn and grow.

Exhaustive &
Exciting Curricular Resources

Explore and experience tech-forward curricular resources that will help you attain proficiency. From detailed lesson notes to exciting games and challenging quizzes, we have got you covered. Navigate your learning journey with a treasure trove of learning experiences at your fingertips.

For Parents

Your hub to monitor, support, and guide your child’s learning journey! Ready to partner in their success?

Stay on top of your kids’ performance and progress

Keep track of your child’s homework, assignments, and assessments all in one place, ensuring their academic progress is always at your fingertips.


Stay connected with your child’s school and teachers. Receive notifications and messages about your child’s upcoming homework, assessments and events that will keep you in the loop.






Stay ahead of the curve and by knowing what’s coming with our Interactive calendar. The entire year’s academic calendar will be Accessible with a click of a button. Plan in advance and keep track of important Dates, assignments due and upcoming events.